Our Vision:    

Children First, Community Success

Our Mission: 

To provide circles of support for children and families



Our Values:

Pursuit of Excellence

Children First’s commitment to pursuing excellence will be evident in measurable plans for continuous improvement in all activities of Board, Staff, and Day Home Providers.

Anti-Bias Education

This value of anti-bias education will be apparent in the development of child care programs that are responsive to children with additional support needs; as in the development of culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate child care programs that are inclusive of Wood Buffalo’s diverse community.


The value of relationships is core to Children First.  This value will be manifested in the concrete, observable respectful, warm, caring, honest, open, fair and equitable relationships among all children, families, board, staff, and other stakeholders who participate in the activities of Children First.

Problem-solving Philosophy for Children and Adults

Children First’s philosophical commitment to the value of problem-solving will be evident in the positive, respectful manner in which tensions and conflicts are resolved in a mutually helpful manner, wherein personal growth is nurtured.

Fiscal Accountability

Children First will display this value in all decisions and activities related to financial stewardship.  All financial matters will be legal, moral, ethical, and transparent.

Life-long Learning

The commitment to life-long learning for children, parents, staff, and board involved in Children First will be apparent in activities that support and nurture continuous professional and personal growth.

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